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  • Finally Legal: Big News for Tattoo Artists in Japan

    September 18, 2020 - A day to remember for all tattoo artists in Japan and around the world. It’s official; tattooing without a medical license is ...

  • 5 Tips To Heal New Tattoos

    1. Do not touch your tattoo with messy hands – This sounds obvious, but many people appear to overlook how dirty their hands can be. Keep in mind, ...


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  • Meet the Founders (Part 3) - Meet Oliver

    Meet Oliver Zak: dog-lover, MMA fanatic and one of the creative entrepreneurs that co-founded Mad Rabbit. 

  • Tattoo Story: Jordan

    “I've always loved the tattoo culture. Both of my parents have tons of tattoos so I always thought when I grew up, I’d have tattoos as well.

  • Tattoo Story: Maegan

    “My first tattoo was the lotus on the back of my neck. I got it for my mom. She passed away when I was really young - because it represents rebirth...

  • Tattoo Story: Dan

    "I’ve wanted tattoos since I was young. My family was very open about that sort of thing and my sister, who is five years older, sort of pioneered ...

  • Tattoo Timeline: First 48 Hours with a Tattoo

    Those first 48 hours with your brand new ink are critical for your healing process. Read more for how to take care of your tattoo.

  • Tattoo Story: MJ

    "Tattoo culture... I feel like when I was younger, I always saw people that were in their twenties that had a few things here and there but most of...

  • Meet the Founders (Part 2) - Meet Selom

    Selom Agbitor, co-founder of Mad Rabbit, is an entrepreneur who loves to solve problems and create solutions. His love of e-commerce and his abilit...

  • Meet the Founders (Part 1) - Passion to Product

    There are ideas and there are great ideas. The difference is subtle, yet distinct. A great idea is driven by passion and backed by the desire to do...