How to Make Your Tattoo More Vibrant

It's a new year, so why not keep old things fresh, or maybe keep the new looking new. Summer is also near, so this is the best time to show off that freshly inked masterpiece that was covered all winter.

You might have had your tattoo for a few years and have noticed it doesn't look as bright as before. This is because it has probably faded. Most tattoos fade more than others due to other factors.

If your tattoo had faded and you want to save it, or if you're trying to prevent your tattoo from fading, keep reading because we have some tips for you!

Keep It Clean

This is the first commandment of tattoo aftercare. This first few weeks of a tattoo are the most important because a properly healed skin will ensure a long-lasting tattoo. Always wash your tattoo thoroughly with clean hands, the only time you or anymore else should be touching your tattoo is when you are either washing it or apply Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm. Also remember, when showing off your new tattoo, try to make sure people do not touch it, tattoos in the first few weeks are open wounds and susceptible to infection, this makes it easy to avoid that problem.

Keep it Moisturized

Keeping your tattoo moisturized with Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm will keep it perfect, vibrant and bright. Moisturizing every day will ensure that your skin stays hydrated and prevents the effects of aging. Also if you have tattoos on your elbows, knees or hands, it is especially crucial to moisturize there because that are areas known to fade rapidly. We would all rather have our tattoos looking vibrant instead of ashy. Your tattoos will stay vibrant for years to come, all you have to do is take a few minutes out of your day to moisturize.

Follow Aftercare Instructions

Mad Rabbit has a perfect set of instructions that if followed, work perfectly to keep your tattoo in shape. Ignoring these instructions or your tattoo artists instructions will negatively impact the quality of your tattoo.

Tattoo's last forever, but a tattoo doesn't always look good forever. Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm can fix that.

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