COVID-19 UPDATE: No shipping Delays on all orders

COVID-19 UPDATE: No shipping Delays on all orders

Our Story

In 2017, Mad Rabbit was started to build a tattoo care line inspired by you.
We deserve better than overpriced tattoo care products that fall short on their promises. We deserve a simple product with effective ingredients that give us the confidence to show off our tattoos. 
We’re inspired by the tattoo artists that wake up every day to create beautiful art on their client's bodies.  The ones that create art to reflect your personality and your milestones. They put in the effort to create your art, we put in the effort to help make it look brand new.
At Mad Rabbit, we’re reinventing the tattoo care category, one product at a time. A simple, effective, and reliable product, delivered right to your door.
Mad Rabbit is a no-nonsense product without any pointless toxins, senseless rigmarole or needless middlemen. We’ve engineered and tested this product to work as hard as you do, specifically designed for your tattoo. And we made it simple to use.
Mad Rabbit was founded by two brothers with a passion for ink. We found an opportunity to create a superior natural healing balm to help improve the healing process and built a brand we felt artists and clients can vibe with. We wanted to get rid of all unnatural and processed ingredients you'd find in a traditional balm and decided to return to the basics of holistic healing. Motivated by the challenge, they set out on a mission to create the best performing tattoo balm in the business. Mad Rabbit promotes individuality, adventure, and anything badass.
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