COVID-19 UPDATE: No shipping Delays on all orders

COVID-19 UPDATE: No shipping Delays on all orders

Why Mad Rabbit?

Aftercare Made Easy

Why Mad Rabbit?

Aftercare Made Easy

  • Makes Tattoos Vibrant
  • Moisturizes + Nourishes
  • Keeps Your Tattoos Healthy
  • Prevents Ink Discoloration

The Mad Rabbit Difference

Real Tattoos, Real Results

Faded Tattoo
Revitalized Tattoo with Mad Rabbit

Individual Results May Vary

  • 94% Reported product helps to preserve the tattoos' depth.
  • 88% Reported tattoos' contrast appears more vibrant.
  • 87% Reported tattoos' appear more intense.

Mad Rabbit

All Natural Tattoo Aid

Revitalize, replenish, and preserve your body art with the hottest tattoo balm on the market. Effective on both new & old tattoos.

Mad Rabbit All Natural Tattoo Aid is formulated with all natural and organic ingredients, sourced from the greater Los Angeles area.

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Made In The USA

Thousands Of Tattoos Preserved

Photos Submitted From Our Customers

Cole Cavallin @xcolecav
Brooke Witt @brookewitt
Leah Mislove @le_mis
Marty Westmoore @martywestmoore
Phill Reed @phill.reed
Garin Chadwick @garin.chadwick


Soften The Balm Between Fingers


Apply To Your Tattoos


Watch Your Tattoo Come To Life

Only The Highest Standards

Safe for
Sensitive Skin


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Mad Rabbit effective?

    Natural and Organic ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Essential Oils, nourishes & moisturize your skin, protect skin from UV radiation, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • How is Mad Rabbit different from other Tattoo Aftercare Products?

    Mad Rabbit uses natural, organic, non-toxic ingredients which are safe for the skin. You will never find parabens or anything artificial in our product.
  • Does Mad Rabbit work on old and newly healed tattoos?

    Yes and yes! Mad Rabbit rejuvenates and brightens old tattoos. If you have a newly healed tattoo, it will look brand new for years!
  • What kind of tattoos and skin tones does Mad Rabbit work on?

    Mad Rabbit works on all kind of tattoos and all colored skin tones.
  • What kind of results will Mad Rabbit produce?

    You will see results right away. There will be no ink discoloration, a more vibrant and protected tattoo, and your skin will be toned for stronger color.
  • Can I apply Mad Rabbit immediately after a tattoo session?

    No, wait until your tattoo is healed before using Mad Rabbit.

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